Expert website appraisal

Our website critique service draws on our extensive experience in evaluating, reviewing and judging web publications. We will help you to improve the standards of your webwork. Our reports include websites, intranets, downloadable publications and email newsletters.

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Feedback to help you improve your website

Maybe your website or intranet is not performing as well as you would like. Why not allow us write a detailed website critique for you?

Sometimes you can get too close to a project to have a dispassionate view and would value some independent expert feedback.

Perhaps you want to enter a professional website awards competition and want to ensure that your work meets the highest standards, so that you can give yourself the best chance of winning.

Or you are just looking for fresh input. We will be happy to introduce innovative ideas that we have come across elsewhere.

Are you engaging with your audiences?

Perhaps your designers are doing a great job visually for you - but is the design 'look and feel', usability or navigation achieving your objectives? It may be a simple matter of priorities, emphasis and positioning.

Are your audiences being spoken to in a style and tone that will motivate them to respond? We examine the language and vocabulary used.

you can get too close to a project to have a dispassionate view and would value some independent expert feedback ...

Our expert web analysis will be frank and constructive. Here are the options:

Bronze report £99 We will review your website for about one hour or more and email you a 750 word report. This is a more detailed version of a website competition judging appraisal. This won’t include search engine optimisation analysis.

Silver report £275 A 2000 word appraisal based on a three hour detailed analysis of your website. This will probably be about 20 pages. It considers all aspects of the website including search engine keyword analysis.

Gold report This is a lengthier website audit. We will give you a quote after you brief us on what you want included. Prices are typically around £500 - 1000.

To proceed

Call Malcolm Davison on 01444 254853 or email: Allow up to three days for your appraisal, but most will be turned around more quickly than this.

All prices plus VAT (currently 17.5%). Payment by cheque, bank transfer or credit card is in advance with your order, except for the gold reports which require 30 day settlement from the invoice date.

Your report author

Your website will be reviewed and critiqued by Malcolm Davison who has been a website, intranet and email newsletter judge for over 10 years.

He has judged regional, national and international professional award competitions and assessed web entries from:

Aviva, Bank of Ireland, BT, the Cabinet Office, E-on, GKN, Greater Manchester Police, Hewlett Packard, Imperial Tobacco, Nationwide, NHS, Pilkington, RBS, Royal Navy, Virgin Atlantic and scores more.

Malcolm has also provided consultancy and trained staff at the UN, European Commission, Whitehall departments, Welsh Assembly Government, Scottish Government and major European banks.

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